Travel planing:
  • For individual clients
  • For families
  • For tourist groups
Recreational holidays:
  • Holidays at the most famous resorts
  • Exotic holidays
Excursions for school pupils:
  • Organization of cognitive programs
  • Guide services
  • Transport
  • Hotel
Services for tourist groups and business guests:
  • Hotel and ticket booking
  • Transport services
  • Excursion programs
  • Services of the Russian and English speaking guide
  • Meeting at the airport / station
Insurance services:
  • Travel insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Emergency medical assistance abroad insurance
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Compulsory civil liability insurance
  • Casco insurance
  • Property insurance
Guide services:
  • Languages: Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, German, English and others
Organization of entertaining excursions for labor collectives:
  • Organization of programs
  • Booking of entertainment
  • Transport
  • Hotel

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